Customer Care

Q: How do I hang Fredrix Float Canvas in the corner?
Q: Do you have additional info about the hand priming process for your oil primed linen canvas?
Q: What should I spray my finished watercolor painting with to protect it?
Q: What are the benefits of using Watercolor Canvas?
Q: I just finished a Watercolor Canvas painting on a sheet of watercolor canvas. What should I do with it next?
Q: Can you use oil based paints on watercolor canvas? What if they are water soluble?
Q: Can I use pencil on Watercolor Canvas to sketch out my painting?
Q: What paints can I use on Watercolor Canvas?
Q: Can I sand my Fredrix® Artist Canvas?
Q: I have used Fredrix Canvas Pads on my plein air trips. How do I mount these canvas sheets?
Q: I have just purchased a pad of watercolor canvas. Which side of the canvas is the proper one to use, the smooth side or the cloth side?
Q: What are the canvas weights of your Fredrix Canvas Panels?
Q: What are the canvas weights of your Fredrix Artist Canvas Rolls?
Q: What are the canvas weights of your stretched canvas product offerings?
Q: I have been painting for 25 years, but hear that many artists always put an additional 2 or more coats of gesso on preprimed canvases. Is that necessary?
Q: Do any of your stretched canvases need to be primed before painting?
Q: Do I need to prime any of your archival canvas boards before painting?
Q: What style canvas do you use on your stretched canvases?
Q: Are your acrylic primers lead free?
Q: What is the proper temperature range for storage of unused canvases?
Q: What type of sizing do you use on your oil primed linen canvas rolls?
Q: Is the acrylic gesso on your artist canvases "nontoxic"?
Q: How long is the drying time for Fredrix® Titanium Oil Prime (item no. 4402)?
Q: I recently purchased one of your stretched artist canvases. What are the small plastic tabs behind the canvas used for?